Danny Venlet - EDITIONS

GESTALT (1992)

GESTALTGESTALT Table and/or chair. 1992. Limited edition of three. A hybrid piece of furniture that can be used as a table or chair and that was inspired by an ergonomical bus chair, but also aims to go far beyond the purely functional, as a stand-alone object with a distinctly sculptural appearance. The name refers to the Gestalt theory and the famous illustrations in which the viewer can recognise two faces in the same silhouet, according to the position taken. A simple rotation turns the chair into a table when upright. The original mould was destroyed in a fire, so that the number of copies remains limited to three -two in curved plywood, the other in fibreglass, which belongs to the collection of the Powder House Museum in Sydney, Australia. as a table : 83 w x 48 d x 77 h as a chair : 48 w x 90 d x 80 h

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