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DOTS FOR REFLECT (2002, DeKnudt)

DOTS FOR REFLECTDOTS FOR REFLECT Mirror. 2002. Limited edition by DeKnudt. Venlet hates mirrors: ‚??They confront you with too bitter a reality‚?Ě. So when the Belgian mirror manufacturer ‚?¶ wanted to update its collection and asked a number of designers to create a series of mirrors that was presented at the Interieur Biennale in Kortrijk in 2002, Venlet came up with a project that expressed this horror, and in which mirroring image was broken by a grid of holes that let the light trough from a Led lightsource at the back, in an effort to temper the hard and implacable image. Depending on the position and movements of the viewer the combination also causes a nice play of reflections and light. 75 w x 6 d x 100 h

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