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D2V2 (2004, Dark)

D2V2D2V2 Hanging lamp. 2004. Dark, Belgium. (www.dark.be) The shape of this big light is meant to be reminiscent of a bomb and an airplane engine or propeller. The floating effect that is the result grows with the number of lights that are hung together, creating the illusion of a fleet of bombers crossing the night sky, and is also enhanced by the fact that the inner TL-lights donĂ¢Â?Â?t seem to touch the cylinder in translucent polyethylene that forms the outer skin. Both circular ends of the cylinder have been left open so that one has a see trough when the light is hanging low, and on the way the fluo light tubes seem to float freely in space. Dimmable. 60 diam x 140 L

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