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SCREW COLLECTION (2002, Coro Italia)

SCREW COLLECTIONSCREW COLLECTION Outdoor furniture and accessories. 2002. Coro, Italy. (www.cotoitalia.com) All the elements that are part of this lighthearted, flexible and extremely practical outdoor collection originally had two things in common. They were entirely made in stainless steel, and the lower part of their support consisted of a screw with which they could be fixed in the ground. But a terrace version in which the screw has been replaced by a round plate is also available. Shower 40 d x 210 h Low table 48 d x 47 h Ice bucket 17 d x 68 h Little candle holder 7 d x 54 h Candle holder 7 d x 71 h Ashtray 15 d x 68 h

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