Danny Venlet - PARMALAT

PARMALAT (1993, Sydney, Australia)

PARMALAT The specific problem of the site on which this coffeeshop was to be created, led to a solution that –in a way that is typically Venlet- made the project also totally unique and trendsetting. Behind the glass entrance that could be entirely opened like a harmonica the available space, that was two floors high, went deep but was also extremely narrow – hardly more than two metres. While others might have tried to install the kitchen and counter at the back, Venlet decided to build the kitchen along one of the long sidewalls and the tables and chairs forb the customers along the other, while doing away with the counter – thus eliminating the barrier between customers and personel, and creating a very informal and homely atmosphere, a concern that would remain primal voor de rest of his career. The obiligation to create such a barrier, imposed by health code, was avoided with a manoeuvre that was as ingenious as it was simple – by drawing a borderline on the ground. No risk of claustrophobia for the customers at the back, who sit on a platform, which offers them a panoramic and open view, up the front. Design team: Danny Venlet, Mark Cashman