Danny Venlet - FRAGMA

FRAGMA (2001, Antwerp, Belgium)

FRAGMA An ultra hip fashion boutique in the Nationalestraat; Antwerps famous fashion area. Eye catcher of the shop is the minimalist afromosia wooden stairs also used as stocking space and counter. The lower half of the stairs continues to be the top of the counter, giving people the funny feeling they could easily parade over the counter. On the first floor of the boutique Venlet choose to divide one arm of the little space of the first floor in even smaller stable like areas. Each fashion style was given it�s own little niche, making shopping a cosy intimate action. Because of the ingeniously lit bottom, these shopping boxes seem to float. In contradiction to those little niches Venlet put one giant loungy- light-object in the second arm of the first floor. The object is almost too big for that space, but a wall-covering mirror creates an unexpected spacious feeling.