BURDEKIN BARSTOOL Barstool. 1990. Several limited editions by V.I.A. Originally designed for the Burdekin bar in Sydney, Australia. In Venlet‚??s typical style, characterised by wavy curves that are in this case also meant as complementary to the concave and hollowed out front of the bar. The tight and seamless lining of the ball stretches out downward and organically into a tear that touches the round base on the floor on one single spot - as if the ball were floating somewhat surreal and extremely lightweight in a bag that is held upside down, hiding all the technicalities that might be a disturbance. While the stool also evokes associations with a punchball, Venlet first and foremost wanted it to serve as ‚??a third leg‚?? for the user. Made from an upright steel post, that serves as a support for injection-moulded and upholstered foam. One of the most published versions is the one where the seat is decorated with the globe, as designed by Columbus. 45 diam x 90 h