Danny Venlet - Ici et Maintenant

Ici et Maintenant (2001, Brussels, Belgium)

Ici et Maintenant Bar, lounge ad meeting point. Thurn & Taxis. Brussels, 2001. Temporary project. Bar, lounge and meeting point of Ici et Maintenant, a group show of contemporary art in one of the main buildings of a historically very valuable industrial site in Brussels, which had passed in disuse and was still to be renovated at the time of the exhibition. With an extremely low budget and starting from the tight grid of columns that structured the immense and bare hall, Venlet created a modular landscape of vertical and horizontal beams � that could be read as an extension of this skeleton, and putting it even more in evidence, while framing the visitors that sat and drank on them, as in a series of tableaux vivants. The decoration was left to the young graffiti artist Luc Moerman, with whom Venlet collaborated in several other projects, before he became internationally famous.