Danny Venlet - DOUBLE TAKE


DOUBLE TAKE An object with a dual function ?? table and picture, piece of furniture and artwork. A collaboration with Richard Venlet. 2001. Limited edition. Archetype Gallery, Brussels. A game of contrasts, leading to an object that playfully hovers between art and design, or the old and new, and bestowing the user and viewer with feelings of surprise, pleasure, uncertainty, and uneasiness. At first sight this object has the look of a rather ordinary and cheap kitchen table, and can also be used as such, with a tabletop that is made of 4 cm thick berch multiplex and coated with a hard formica layer. But the legs in stainless steel can also be placed in the tabletop so that the object can be hung on a wall, drawing attention on the print on its flat surface, as if it were a precious artwork. The image shows the top of an old and discarded table, which was found by Venlet, heavily eroded by time and its users, and contrasting sharply with the new and still immaculate tabletop on which it is printed. The artwork thus also reveals the inevitable destiny of the piece of furniture. 120 L x 75 w x 75 h